Light Blue Teardrop Embossed and Gold Ceramic Earrings


The Local Floret Exclusive

Ceramic earrings with light blue glaze & 22k gold luster

GF = Gold Filled (Not Plated). Is an industry term used to explain the jewelry quality but it is not really "filled" with gold. It is actually several layers of solid gold, pressure bonded using high heat, to jewelers' brass.

The benefits:

  • There is way more gold in "gold filled" compared to gold plated
  • Gold filled is hypoallergenic
  • Gold filled jewelry will last a lifetime with care
  • Gold filled jewelry looks and "acts" like solid gold but is much less expensive
  • Gold filled will not flake, peel, or turn your skin green

Jewelry Care : Mild dish soap and a soft toothbrush. Towel dry. Buff 14k GF with cleaning clothes for optimal shine.